Quietus Vino Bianco I.G.T.

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Quietus Vino Bianco I.G.T.
Quietus Vino Bianco I.G.T.

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Quietus Vino Bianco I.G.T.

Genuine and still as its name suggests, Quietus is an easy-drinking white wine and a surprisingly versatile food companion. Originally crafted as a complement to the local traditional dishes, over the years Quietus showed a pairing potential that travelled way beyond its boundaries...

Grape variety

Blend of indigenous white grape varieties

Alcohol content


Residual sugar

12 g/Lt

Available formats

0,75 Lt

Tasting notes

Pale straw-yellow with green hints. Grapey, fruity bouquet with floral notes of acacia blossoms and wisteria. On the palate, the bright fresh fruity taste displays an engaging texture punctuated with crisp minerality. Very refreshing with a pleasant aftertaste.

Food pairing

This easy-drinking Glera-based still wine is very versatile as a food companion. Originally meant for pairing with traditional dishes from the region, it lends itself well to experimentation on far more diverse food settings. Push the boundaries and give it a go with Chinese, Pho, Tempura or Sushi.

Other characteristics

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