Hilaris Vino Frizzante I.G.T.

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Hilaris Vino Frizzante I.G.T.
Hilaris Vino Frizzante I.G.T.

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Hilaris Vino Frizzante I.G.T.

The brand new, minimal packaging design gives a clean, timeless look to this easy-drinking, fun and lively frizzante wine. With its low alcohol content and the fruity character, Hilaris is perfect to cheer any moment of your day.

Grape variety

Blend of indigenous white grape varieties

Alcohol content


Residual sugar

13 g/Lt

Available formats

0,75 Lt

Tasting notes

Bright, straw-yellow in the glass with soft yet lively effervescence due to its “Frizzante” (lightly sparkling) style. Intense bouquet, displaying hints of melon and apple and distinctive grapey notes. Zesty and refreshing with just the right amount of fruit.

Food pairing

An easy-drinking, thirst-quenching frizzante wine, ideal for an easy toast with friends or as an all-round wine. Pairs easily with with canapés and charcuterie but also with chicken dishes or pasta.

Other characteristics

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